Monday, July 1, 2013

July Goals Linky!

I'm linking up with I {heart} Recess's July Goals Linky! I'm hoping this will motivate me to get going on my goals for this month since I only have 6 weeks of summer left!!

PERSONAL: I have so much stuff that I own and I either don't need it or I need to organize it!! I moved back in with my dad 20 months ago and TONS of stuff is still in boxes.  Then I started thinking, most of it since I haven't touched it I don't need! Which means I need to get on the purge, donate, and organize track with it BEFORE school starts again and I have no time.  I already have 3 bags of clothes to donate but that's only from my bedroom.  My school stuff and all my other stuff has taken over 2 spare rooms that now you can't even walk in at all...legitimately...guess it's time to get a plan written out and get started...

FAMILY: I haven't been able to handle stress well - EVER!  So my goal is to work on it.  I always take it out on the wrong people - especially my boyfriend. Which leads into my next goal...

HEALTH: I rejoined a gym finally and I am hoping with working out it will help with the stress.  My goal to start is 3 days a week.  Tomorrow I have a fitness assessment and from there I hope I get a good track set to keep up with the 3 days a week.  I selected 3 because I have a feeling once school starts, that's all that may fit into my schedule

SCHOOL: As I mentioned in my personal, most of the stuff in my spare rooms is classroom stuff that is now in bags (from shopping), boxes, binders, and everything OH MY! I need to organize and purge.  If I have an electronic copy, why do I really need 15 hard copies of the same thing in a binder?? I DON'T! Time to lay out the plan...

BLOG/TPT: I want to be more consistent with blogging as I learn as I go!  I just bought an annual membership for Teaching Blog Traffic School and I hope it helps! (especially since it had to be paid for with no trial membership first :-/ )

OUTSIDE THE BOX: I need to remember to keep calm and slow down.  Eventually it will all get done and I can't let my anxiety and stress get the best of me.  I also need to keep the slow down in mind when I start teaching again.  I have to remember it is best for my students; I went from teaching high school to teaching elementary school - a whole different world!


  1. I think Traffic School is a great start. Charity is very knowledgeable and has so many tutorials to offer. It definitely IS an investment, though. :)

    Working out always helps me feel more clam and relaxed. Hope it works for you too!

    Following you now :)

    Read With Me ABC

  2. I happened upon your July Goals, which led me to the Linky party! I am a new blogger and don't quite know what I am doing, but I appreciate you inadvertently getting me started! :)

    Teaching High School to teaching elementary! That is a big shift! I am a fan of purging too. The school stuff does have a tendency to get away from me... especially when it is all so cute... darn Target.

    Good luck with your goals! :)


  3. Welcome to blogging! High School to Elementary was a huge leap but elementary is what I always wanted so now I just have to adjust. I am very new to blogging too! If you google how to participate in a linky party there are some great youtube videos and such! I bit the bullet and paid the annual fee for the Blogging Traffic school! I'll post how that goes when I have time to look at it. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me or anyone! Everyone is so nice and helpful!! I'll be heading over to your blog to follow you! :-)