All About Me

I graduated with Honors from Lewis University in 2009 with a Combined Major of Elementary and Special Education leading me to be dual certified once I graduated.

I ALWAYS wanted to be a teacher (I played school ALL OF THE TIME when I was a kid!), but it wasn't until my neighbor was born with autism that I decided (at the age of 12) that I wanted to teach special education!

When I first graduated, it was IMPOSSIBLE to get an elementary position, so I taught high school special education self-contained for students with LD and ED.  I taught that for 3 years and loved it, but new my passion was still with elementary school SO - I applied and applied and applied and got a job offer for an elementary resource teacher. LOVE IT!

I'm working on finishing my master's this summer in educational leadership, but don't have a plan to leave the classroom anytime soon-I love it way too much!

I have a great guy in my life who is supportive with my super crazy schedule (although my schedule should definitely be better with a year under my belt and no master's work to do!) and my break downs that we ALL go through with teaching.

I also have all my babies! 
There's Roxy a German Shepard/Boxer Mix that I adopted...

and Lucifer...

and Bella (she's the all black one in the picture) & Chloe!

I LOVE to craft and scrapbook (when I have time!).  Creating things is so much fun, and putting my millions of photos in a scrapbook keeps the memories even more alive!

I also LOVE to read in my free time! (Although my master's has been eating my reading time!)

I'm A HUGE sports fan as well! I love my Bears, Blackhawks, and White Sox!! (Win or Lose!)

I have a HUGE DVD collection....It takes up a 5 shelf bookshelf all on it's own and that's not even with all of them in place! (I think it's time to start getting another shelf...especially now that I'm on to getting blu-rays!)

 I'm addicted to pinterest...I love everything I find on there and want to make it or buy it all!  Pinterest is also how I found all of the lovely blogs & Teachers Pay Teachers!

Lastly, I LOVE Thirty-One products...these are just SOME of the TONS of products I have...some of these are even for my classroom!


  1. Congratulations on finishing your master's!! What a relief to have it finished. I'm also an elementary resource teacher and love it!! I love finding special education blogs and am your newest follower.

    Resource Room Rules

    1. Thanks! I officially finished Monday and it is DEFINITELY a relief to have it done before the school year starts! Having classes, teaching all day, and tutoring after school was VERY draining this past year - especially since it was my first year at the elementary level! How long have you been teaching elementary resource for?? I love finding special education blogs too and am so glad you're my newest follower! I am now your newest follower! :-)