Sunday, June 30, 2013

Almost July Currently!

Linking up with Farley a day early for the July Currently! (Hey, Hey this month I'm not late with it!)

Listening: For some reason Elf is on TV right now; maybe they have the whole "Christmas in July" Theory, but it's okay because I love this movie! Also, my boyfriend has been dog sitting his sister's dogs for the the past 10 days and we're getting ready to take them back to his sister's now! They're too cute though :-(

Loving: For 2 months I was debating what gym to join! I finally decided to go back to Lifetime (for some reason I always end up back there-it's just amazing, and I can't wait to start! I have my health and  fitness assessment on Tuesday-that should be interesting!!

Thinking: I really need to get my butt in gear! I have so much that I want to organize for work and home! And definitely a lot more purging to be done! Especially so I can set up one of the spare rooms and an office and creation station for myself and then the other space I want as a nice, neat, organized storage area for all the stuff I don't need to unpack (i.e. kitchen stuff).  For work I have just bags and bags of stuff that I bought for my classroom and NOTHING is organized or set up with it! AND I still haven't sorted through everything I brought home to purge, organized any of it, created anything I wanted to for school, or feel like I'm any where near ready to go back in 6 weeks!! Hopefully they'll call soon saying my new classroom is ready; I feel like that'll get me motivated to get off my butt and get moving!!

Wanting: My master's to be done! It is driving me crazy! Okay not really crazy, but it's almost like I have super bad senioritis, making me procrastinate && not want to work on it! lol I have 4 weeks until my graduation ceremony, 5 weeks until all my internship stuff is due, and 7 weeks until I finish my final class! I have 1 week left of my class I'm in now, then 5 weeks of the other class (my last one), and I'm officially done with Master's #1! Just have to try and keep the half full attitude....and keep going to starbucks away from some distractions to get this work done!

Needing: Like I said before I need to get motivated to get all the purging, cleaning, organizing, and project making done for both my home life and my school life. I'm also needing to get working on my master's work right now...

Tips, Tricks, or Hints:  I only started a blog a few months ago, and only just recently really had time to start using it.  I'm still definitely learning as I go, and often get frustrated, but have definitely gotten better with that! Leading into my tip: Just go with it! It doesn't have to be perfect and it definitely won't be when you first start so just roll with it! I take any suggests and go with them because they will only help me become a better blogger! Am I where I want to be right now with blogging? No but I know I will get there with it!

Second Tip: Join Linky Parties!  I have learned so much from even just participating in the Currently linky. I do have about 4 more posts you'll be seeing after this because I found more to join!  Plus they are tons of fun to participate in and you get to meet new people in the blogging world!  Just make sure you follow the requirements! :-)

Thursday, June 27, 2013

TOO EXCITED TO SLEEP SO....Some Class Room Theme Decorations I Purchased!

Tomorrow is the Chicago Blackhawks Stanley Cup Champions Victory Parade & Rally and I.CAN'T.WAIT. to join 2 Million or MORE of my closest friends to celebrate with my boys!! WHICH also means I am too excited to sleep even though I need to be up in less than 4 hours :-)

This is the 2010 Parade when they won - I can only IMAGINE what tomorrow will be like!! (well technically today!!) 
This is RIGHT when they had the game winning goal and Crawford protected their goal like a BEAST!!
And a picture of them with THE Cup that they brought back home to the Chi!!!
And now on to the School Related portion of the post!...Since I can't sleep, I thought I would share some of the items I recently purchased for my classroom next year to go with my theme!

Here's a cute, little drawer set that I found at Target! It say it's for jewelry and make-up, but I'm going to use it on my desk to organize supplies!

Here's a clipboard (that also came with a bonus matching pad of paper!) that I found at Hobby Lobby!

 This is a cute picture frame that I found at Hobby Lobby for my desk!

 I plan on printing this to put in the frame above! (I was able to create it how I wanted on a website...I'll have to try and remember the website and post it for you all!)

 And another frame for my desk to put a picture in (also from Hobby Lobby!)

And one more frame from Hobby Lobby! (I love that store! They have great things for teachers to use, and they always have great sales and coupons!) 

Lastly, I found these super cute tissue paper pom-poms to hang from the ceiling in my classroom! (IF you didn't guess already, I found these at Hobby Lobby TOO! You get 3 of them for $4.99!)

I plan on going back and getting the hot pink and lime green ones to go with the rest of my theme! (The coupon I currently have you can only use one per a customer per a day :- ( )  BUT they'll be these ones
 I can't wait to start organizing everything next week and seeing what I still need to go buy for my new theme!! What theme are you doing in your classroom next year??

Monday, June 24, 2013

WHOOOO!!! (Completely non-school related!!)

Sooooo Incredibly proud of my Chicago Blackhawks tonight for becoming the Stanley Cup Champs!!! With a multi-record breaking season and so many trophies it's not funny!!

Can't WAIT to sport my new gear at the parade!!!

Fought this crowd to get it!! Thanks to my wonderful boyfriend for doing that!!

So ecstatic that sleep is going to be lacking tonight!! EEK!!!

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Classroom Decor Creation Attempt #1

Now that it is summer time, and I am determine to find some "me time" for things I wanted to do, I thought I would learn how to create my own items for my classroom similar to all the wonderful ideas on Teachers-Pay-Teachers and other blogs! So as I was playing around in Microsoft Word (although now I'm learning many people use PowerPoint), I have figured out how to create a few things!

Hope King over at Second Grade Shenanigans, she has wonderful decor she was posting which is how I got inspired to start on my own! I loved what she was making, but wanted it to match the zebra print theme that I have in my room and change things to make it my own obviously, and since I'm a resource teacher I often don't need as many things that come in the amazing theme and decor packages that you see on Teachers-Pay-Teachers. So I'm giving it a whirl!

I've also been using Ashley Hughes' super cute and amazing clipart over at TheSchoolSupplyAddict!  If I could afford her whole store I would buy it! The great thing is that her clipart is in png file form, so instead of trying to erase the background of an image in word, it's already background free and easy to use!

I've also been using Maree Trulove's rainbow zebra paper pack, Kevin and Amanda Fonts for Peas fonts, and By The Butterfly fonts for my classroom decor! Right now the decor is only for my personal use, until I learn all I need for commercial use and doing everything legally! :-)

Here is a Sneak Peak of the Supply Box Labels I created for my classroom decor! (not the best quality photo but my phone is acting up! :( - they're in multiple colors, but my theme is only going hot pink, lime green, and zebra print!) 
Of course since it's only attempt #1, and the beginning of summer, it may change as time goes on because I'm now starting to really like the "chalkboard" look instead of the solid black and the solid fonts...only time will tell this summer! :-) (especially since I purchased Schoolgirl Style's new book, Decorate Like A Pro the Schoolgirl Style Way!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Better Late Than Never (like last month!) - June Currently

I completely missed last months, BUT I'm linking up this month with Oh' Boy 4th Grade for her monthly currently!

Listening: To my fan running - it's very sticky in my house, my dad doesn't believe in A/C (even with my awful allergies!), and I have yet to put my A/C window unit back in - add it to the "To Do List"

Loving: That I am on summer break! Although I have not done anything productive that I said I was going to the past 2 weeks...I really need to step up my A game here...Otherwise before I know it, it will be August! I AM loving the the Blackhawks made it to the Stanley Cup and can't wait to watch the finals starting Wednesday!

Thinking: How I wanted to be a different type of productive today and clean and organize the 3 rooms I have at my dad's house (or at least start!) and go to the laundromat to get my massive amounts of laundry done - instead I was a different type of productive by creating new labels for my Teacher Toolbox, other labels, surfing pinterest, blogs, Teachers-Pay-Teachers, and other sites....not sure if that counts as productive...

Wanting: The washing machine to be fixed! We are now going on Month 8 of no working washing machine...for awhile I would do laundry at random places, but now I have virtually all of my clothes to wash (including the new ones I bought so that I could avoid doing laundry/going to the laundromat) and still no washing machine...looks like I really will have to stop procrastinating on the laundromat and go tomorrow...

Needing: To get off the computer and start cleaning, organizing, and loading my car up so that it is ready for the laundromat tomorrow morning bright and early...

3 Vacay Essentials: My iPad - has my books to read, connection to civilization, and my music! Bathing Suit - because I would only be somewhere warm where I can swim and get a good tan! Good Company - vacations alone are nice but definitely boring after awhile, therefore, you need good company to have fun with while on vacay!

Once I get this "home life" in order I fully intend to learn more about the blogging world since that was one of my summer goals!