Monday, June 10, 2013

Better Late Than Never (like last month!) - June Currently

I completely missed last months, BUT I'm linking up this month with Oh' Boy 4th Grade for her monthly currently!

Listening: To my fan running - it's very sticky in my house, my dad doesn't believe in A/C (even with my awful allergies!), and I have yet to put my A/C window unit back in - add it to the "To Do List"

Loving: That I am on summer break! Although I have not done anything productive that I said I was going to the past 2 weeks...I really need to step up my A game here...Otherwise before I know it, it will be August! I AM loving the the Blackhawks made it to the Stanley Cup and can't wait to watch the finals starting Wednesday!

Thinking: How I wanted to be a different type of productive today and clean and organize the 3 rooms I have at my dad's house (or at least start!) and go to the laundromat to get my massive amounts of laundry done - instead I was a different type of productive by creating new labels for my Teacher Toolbox, other labels, surfing pinterest, blogs, Teachers-Pay-Teachers, and other sites....not sure if that counts as productive...

Wanting: The washing machine to be fixed! We are now going on Month 8 of no working washing machine...for awhile I would do laundry at random places, but now I have virtually all of my clothes to wash (including the new ones I bought so that I could avoid doing laundry/going to the laundromat) and still no washing machine...looks like I really will have to stop procrastinating on the laundromat and go tomorrow...

Needing: To get off the computer and start cleaning, organizing, and loading my car up so that it is ready for the laundromat tomorrow morning bright and early...

3 Vacay Essentials: My iPad - has my books to read, connection to civilization, and my music! Bathing Suit - because I would only be somewhere warm where I can swim and get a good tan! Good Company - vacations alone are nice but definitely boring after awhile, therefore, you need good company to have fun with while on vacay!

Once I get this "home life" in order I fully intend to learn more about the blogging world since that was one of my summer goals!


  1. We have a hockey team here called the Winterhawks and their logo looks just like the that is who I am rooting for.

    Chickadee Jubilee

    1. So close in names and logos; that's awesome!

  2. You are so lucky to have an Ipad. It would definitely be on my Vacay list if I had one. I hear you with getting your home life in order to really start your summer. I have so much cleaning and organizing I need to do.

    Jamie Michael
    Sixth Grade Tales

    1. I love my iPad but it's the first one, so alas no more updates on it for this girl! I may have to break down eventually and buy a new one :( I'm still working on the organizing the home life thing...I feel like it takes FOREVER! and just starting to tutor again, more time is out the window for this girl! lol

  3. I definitely understand about the cleaning. I had great intentions of getting lots done today. Oh well tomorrow is another day! Good luck with your blogging. Can't wait to see what you come up with this summer!
    Love Teaching Kids

    1. cleaning is going slowly...very slowly lol My problem is I don't get motivated until like 10 PM and when I have to be up at 7, it makes for lack of sleep and a rough morning lol How's your cleaning coming along?