Saturday, June 22, 2013

Classroom Decor Creation Attempt #1

Now that it is summer time, and I am determine to find some "me time" for things I wanted to do, I thought I would learn how to create my own items for my classroom similar to all the wonderful ideas on Teachers-Pay-Teachers and other blogs! So as I was playing around in Microsoft Word (although now I'm learning many people use PowerPoint), I have figured out how to create a few things!

Hope King over at Second Grade Shenanigans, she has wonderful decor she was posting which is how I got inspired to start on my own! I loved what she was making, but wanted it to match the zebra print theme that I have in my room and change things to make it my own obviously, and since I'm a resource teacher I often don't need as many things that come in the amazing theme and decor packages that you see on Teachers-Pay-Teachers. So I'm giving it a whirl!

I've also been using Ashley Hughes' super cute and amazing clipart over at TheSchoolSupplyAddict!  If I could afford her whole store I would buy it! The great thing is that her clipart is in png file form, so instead of trying to erase the background of an image in word, it's already background free and easy to use!

I've also been using Maree Trulove's rainbow zebra paper pack, Kevin and Amanda Fonts for Peas fonts, and By The Butterfly fonts for my classroom decor! Right now the decor is only for my personal use, until I learn all I need for commercial use and doing everything legally! :-)

Here is a Sneak Peak of the Supply Box Labels I created for my classroom decor! (not the best quality photo but my phone is acting up! :( - they're in multiple colors, but my theme is only going hot pink, lime green, and zebra print!) 
Of course since it's only attempt #1, and the beginning of summer, it may change as time goes on because I'm now starting to really like the "chalkboard" look instead of the solid black and the solid fonts...only time will tell this summer! :-) (especially since I purchased Schoolgirl Style's new book, Decorate Like A Pro the Schoolgirl Style Way!


  1. Justina,
    I am super-impressed with your creations! I make everything in Publisher, and find it way easier than PowerPoint. Check out my wild animal decor at my teachers pay teachers store, too. It's zebra, hot pink, lime green, and turquoise with chalkboard backgrounds!

  2. Super cute! My Mac doesn't have publisher on it and I don't like using my work laptop (PC = ICK! lol) Even the change from Word to PowerPoint was amazing! I may just have to purchase Publisher for my Mac and give it a try!