Monday, July 22, 2013

Monday Made It...Part 2!

It's Monday again! (Seriously, where is this summer going??) Which means it is time for the Monday Made It Linky with Tara over at 4th Grade Frolics!

As we remember, last week I started my spray painting party! WELL...the fantastic Chicagoland weather would not allow me to spray paint anymore until YESTERDAY!! (it was either over 90 degrees, above 65% humidity, OR BOTH ALL WEEK!) least I had one good day so I could finish up my Monday Made It from last week!

 My Driveway was COVERED with Items!

I am going to string the letters for my name together with black ribbon and hang it by my desk!

The mini drawers I had for awhile, but they were navy blue and dingy, so they needed a face lift to match my color scheme! There drawers will be featured in a bit!

The larger drawers are for my different color paper to print on, but they were white and once again...didn't go with my color scheme! :)

Remember those blue sentence strip storage boxes I featured before that I bought at Lakeshore Learning, and I said I would probably paint them so they could match? Yep, my OCD got me and I did it!

While the navy blue drawer sets had lime green handles that would match, I had 1 mini drawer set that came with silver handles instead...SO the lime green drawers will go in these mini pink drawer sets and then the spray painted pink handle drawers will go in the lime green mini set!

All of the spray paint I used was gloss so it turned out with a super nice finish!

Then I threw in one more project...
Step #1: Long story short, I had one lonely roll of pink duct tape that I couldn't return...and didn't know what I was going to do with it...until I remembered on pinterest everyone using scrapbooking paper to cover a pringles can to hold their rulers...I thought...why not use the duct tape! So I did!

Step #2: I used a furniture wipe to clean out the inside of the pringles container (after dumping out as many of the crumbs as I could)

Step #3: I used the measuring tape to measure the circumference of the pringles can and then just measured around the duct tape and marked it off (I gave a quarter inch overlap so the can didn't show through.) I used the ruler to make the straight line across the tape for when I cut the strips.

Step #4: It's hard to see, but after putting the first one on, I drew a line down the can where the tape started since there is an overlap.  I also had an over lap with the strips since the tape was 2 inchese side and the can is an odd number. I just kept going, measure, cut, tape, measure, cut, tape, etc. The last row I had to cut the tape down the middle because it was to wide. And then the final product!

It's not perfect, but it'll do for this year, and it works! I'm going to add a cute ruler label once I print it out and laminate it!

On a non-made it note...

One of my coworkers got me this AWESOME quote picture that, if you knew me, fits me PERFECTLY!  

I'll be hanging it by my desk in my classroom...once I go in to start setting in tomorrow :( finish emptying out all the old stuff I'm donating to the new teacher...

What did you make?!


  1. Love the spray paint party! I agree that those colors look fantastic together. Can't wait to see pictures of your classroom!

    Polka Dots & Teaching Tots

    1. Thanks! I put some progress pictures up in a post just now!

  2. oh my goodness Justina, this is awesome!!! The colors are just gorgeous!! You must have spray-painting finger (it's so hard to do that much, I know from past experience). I can't wait to see it all in your room :) :)

    1. Thanks! I definitely had spray painting finger...and forearm...and even looked like my hands and feet got into a fight with the paint because they were so covered. lol But it'll be worth it because it'll all match! I put some progress pictures up in a post just now!

  3. How much spray paint did you use? hahaha


    1. I think I've lost count lol I do still have all the empty cans because I have to figure out how I'm allowed to dispose of them where I live. I think I'll take a picture of all the cans in a their pile when I officially finish! lol

  4. You have been super busy and it is showing! Loving all the updated items and hoping to get a few in myself!

    Jennifer Smith-Sloane

    1. Thanks! I still have TONS left to do! I put some progress pictures up in a post just now!