Sunday, July 14, 2013

Well of COURSE there was another Classroom/Supply Shopping Trip - I'm a Teacher! ;-)

I think it is inevitable that teachers will continually post pictures and collages of pictures of all of their exciting finds for the next month and a half...and I LOVE IT!!! Who could not get excited of these kinds of things?!?! With most recent excursion!

1st Stop: IKEA! I love this store because it's so cheap! And now they have a loyalty card, so you get certain discounts each month!
 I got 2 of the lime green body pillows for my reading corner, I got the black side table for my reading corner, I got 3 of the tall floor lamps in hopes to not use the florescent lights in my room!, I got the lamp base and pink lamp shade for my desk (might as well make it cozy since I'll be spending tons of time there!), and then I bought 12 of the lime green frames and 12 of the hot pink frames to hold my Desire to Inspire Brights Subway Art and Classroom Rules Posters by Hope King over at 2nd Grade Shenanigans!

Next Stops: Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree, and Five Below!
At Walmart I got 20 more clear pencil pouches for 47 cents each! (These ones will be to hold their tickets [see below] and their SPOTS [our PBIS incentive]), more laminating pouches (I'm sure they'll get used quickly!), and then this super cute, perfect sized pink create! It's the size of a desktop hanging file holder, but it was only $3! It's "technically" a locker crate, but as teachers we always use items for other things than their original intention. ;-)

At Target I got the gift wrap (See Below) and more of these pails from the Dollar Spot! (I already have tons of them that I use to hold markers, pens, tickets, etc.) These 2 are going to be used to hold the students' numbers by my job chart so I can remember who had a job already and who hasn't (since they'll be getting "paid" for their jobs I definitely want to be fair!).  I'm going to change out the ribbon on them to one of the zebra print ribbons that I have!

I did ended up exchanging my Dollar Tree erasers because my boyfriends' Dollar Tree had 8 packs instead of 6 packs AND these ones are way cuter! :-)

Then I went to Five Below and I got these chairs in black to match my room! (They didn't have the fun bright colors at my Five Below, only basic colors :-( ) I got 2 chairs for $5 each to put in my reading corner!

On the the next! - Lakeshore Learning! (A teacher store by me) - This store I bought a TON at so be prepared! lol
This store takes my money year round, but I feel it is the best teaching store in the area!!  First, everything I got was 20% off! The Planner in the picture was free (Not sure what exactly I'm going to do with it because I write my lesson plans on the computer, but who can pass up free?) I got a Common Core Reading Comprehension Practice Book for Grade 3 (I'll be going to back for the other grades since I have another 20% off coupon!).  I LOVE this book because it's differentiated into 3 different levels, and gives a correlation chart to guided reading levels!

Then I got 2 of the sentence strips storage boxes - 1 for the blank sentence strips and 1 for the ones that I can save for the next year.  Also these may be getting spray painted because the blue just doesn't go with all my other items (OCD, I know lol).  (I also got another border storage that rolls up because my other one is over stuffed :-X)

I got the super cute Welcome postcards that I am going to write to my kiddos with their Welcome Back gift on the first day of school.

I bought 4 packs of the tickets because I am going to implement parts of Teri's Classroom Management System over at A Cupcake for the Teacher! They're super cute, but I bought a ton because I don't feel like laminating all the little pieces...mainly I don't want to add that to the already tons of cutting that I will have lol.

Lastly, below I bought the yellow letters to go with the frog bulletin board set that I bought for one of my Back to School Bulletin Boards.

I bought the zebra letters to go with the lime green gift wrap (Target) and the pink, lime green, and zebra print double sided border to decorate my desk and my aide's desk with our names.

ANNNND I bought the boho birds, teal gift wrap (Target - hard to see the color in the picture), Teal Appeal Letters (I WISH all letters came prepunched!!), and green border for my Door Decor this year! (Of course the green border will be used for other borders as well since it's part of my theme - but I could only find this color that I wanted at Michael's, AND it was buy 2 get 1 free!)

PHEW That was 5 HOURS of shopping right there! I also finally got my lime green and hot pink pom-poms to go with my zebra print pom-poms from Hobby Lobby!  BUT with the exception of a few random things (art supplies, fabric, etc.), I am DONE shopping! (I have to be done otherwise I'll be more broke than I already am lol).  Off to upload my Decor that I finished creating to Office Max so it's printed in high quality versus my printer! <3


  1. Hi Justina! I nominated you for the Leibster Award! Its a fun award to recognize new blogs! You can find out more on my blog post!

  2. Aw thanks Susan! I'll check it out now while I wait for the ever so slow Office Max printing service site to upload my files to print - got to love technology! :-) Thanks again!