Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Name is Justina and I'm a School Supply Addict....

Okay...soooo....I have taken the first step and I have admitted I have a problem with school supplies...BUT like I've mentioned before, as a Resource Teacher I virtually have to get supplies for all my kiddos I see throughout the year, so I have to over plan to make sure I have enough for the kiddos that join my groups for RtI as well...but sometimes I probably go a little overboard this time of year. Is there a 12 step program for School Supply Addicts? :-)  Here is my latest shopping excursion (on the plus side with the exception of a few things I have everything I think I need now!!)

I went back to a different Target to check out their Dollar Spot and was VERY excited about the goodies and all the things I got for the little about I spent!

The 9 books, 2 border storages, and 3 packages of Birthday Certificates were from the Dollar Spot! How could I pass up books for $1 that were lower leveled books?!

I got 20 bottles of glue (one for each of the kiddos supply bins that I'm assembling) for 50 cents each! My boyfriend said, "What if they go cheaper later in the summer?" My response, "Target has a 90 day return policy.  I'll just return them and buy them again!" :-)

Then I got 3 boxes of highlighters so each kiddo has one in their supply bin.

The border storage (I only found one before) I'm going to use for my Common Core "I Can" statement cards that I'm going to be purchasing from Jason's Online Classoom's TPT Store! His are exactly what I've been looking for because they have great visual examples of each standard on the card too! Check them out! But I needed 3 border storages because I need one for each grade level I see!

Lastly, I forgot who's blog I saw them on (my apologies - I will try and remember!!) But I bought myself the Pilot FriXion Erasable Pens! These ones are Pink, Orange and Purple, gel ink.  I tried them out and they are WONDERFUL! Best erasable pens ever!

 On to the next! I went to Michael's and got Zebra Print Value Pack papers 3 for $10!! (I think they misplaced the sign, but I still got the deal!)  That way I can use it for backgrounds on different posters I hang up or virtually anything!

I got 2 of the glitter koozies because I thought they were cute and I can use them for pen holders. They were only 2 for $1!

Lastly from Michael's I bought the glitter tape that I have been eyeing for weeks! (I got a 40% off coupon in and e-mail and decided it was time to use it on that.  PLUS they were on sale from $14.99 down to $8.99!)  This will make decorating my clothespins easier, faster, and less messy!  (Last year I did the whole modpodge actual glitter ones which worked but took awhile to drive and had glitter everywhere! lol)

I got my kiddos erasers and pencil sharpeners from the Dollar Tree (LOVE THAT STORE!).  I realized I miscounted on the erasers (I was exhausted at this point) so I'll have to go back and get one more. (However, I also want to check the Dollar Tree by my boyfriend's house, because when we were there a month ago, his Dollar Tree had 8 erasers for $1 versus the 6 erasers I got for $1).

 The 4th stop was Staples! Since there was a misprint in their Ad, I really got lucky! I got each 2 pack of scissors for 85 cents! Their Ad said $1 for the 2 pack, but there was supposed to be a limit of 2 - which to my benefit, got left out of the Ad! Then I got 15% off with my Back to School Pass! (I'm pretty sure this thing has already paid for itself!).

I got the shoe tape dispenser for $5.95 down from $9.99, AND it comes with jewels if I want to bedazzle it ;-)

As you can see I got more of the friXion pens AND staples had them as highlighters too! I tried the highlighters and they smeared a little bit, but I think I just didn't give the highlighter enough time to dry.  I figure I'll try them again and if anything I'll just return them and tell them they consistently smear ink. (I hope they don't though!).

I of course picked up the 1 cent eraser caps, bic pens, and index cards.  I got 4 of each since I did 2 separate purchases, AND they rang up free with the Back to School Pass! (I shared a package of bic pens and eraser caps with my dad :-) )

Staples also has an AWESOME binder recycling program!  Bring in an old binder and get $2 off your new binder - with no limit as to how many you can do! So I took in 6 old, dingy binders and walked out with 6 brand new ones that'll match the binder organization I'm doing this year! (1 1/2" binders went from $5.99 each to $3.98 with the recycling, to $3.38 because of the Back to School Pass, and the 2" binder went from $6.99, to $4.98, to $4.23)

Lastly I picked up some more staple removers (mine seemed to go MIA last year...I will be labeling them this year..) and a second stapler for my reading table.

Then there's Office Max! The top photo is from a couple days ago (some items were even from the beginning of June too) then the bottom picture was from today.  I LOVE my new planner and was very excited when July 1st hit so that I could start using it already!

I ended up exchanging the green folders for the blue folders because I changed my mind on the colors I wanted to use for the different grade levels (to make it easier on myself this summer I kept the same colors.  Next summer when/if I have more time I'll change all the colors over).

The Flair marker pens I got at the end of June for buy one get one free!

And the plastic pencil cases in the top one I got them for 50 cents each! They apparently had the wrong sign up and they were supposed to be $2 each....naturally the wrong sign was in my favor - when I went back today the fixed the sign :-( Looks like I'll have to do something else for the kiddos reward tickets and PBIS spots.

I picked up a couple more 25 cent rulers so I had an even number from the picture above, 2 of the little square post-it note cubes (only $1 each), 2 more glues because they were only a penny each, and then these cool refillable Pilot B2P Ballpoint Retractable Pens! They're made out of recycled plastic bottles.  They had black, blue, green, red, and purple in it - and on clearance for $6 for 15 pens!

Then there's some other random little things that were all on sale of course too!

Also, apparently with the Office Max reusable bag, if I shop there within the next couple weeks with the bag they'll fill it with goodies because I'm a teacher!

Well that's my recent shopping spree to add to my "piles"! Please tell me I'm not alone with my addiction?

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