Monday, July 15, 2013

My 1st Monday Made It! ...Part 1...

I FINALLY have something made for a Monday to participate in 4th Grade Frolics's Monday Made It! Well sort's a 2 part-er due to weather.

I inherited these Book Bins from a teacher that was retiring...but they needed a face lift (plus the colors didn't match my theme of my classroom!)

SO I've begun the face lifting process! (those are some other containers I want to spray paint to match too - not the laundry basket thought :-) )

 The things spray painted green are letters that spell out my name that I am going to string together with ribbon to hang above my desk!
 I used spray paint specifically for plastic and that is glossy so it'll have a nice finish.  It took about 3 and 1/2 cans (give or take on the 1/2) for the outside of the Book Bins and the two little tubs from the Dollar Tree.
I only have the outside done since the spray paint won't stick or try properly if it's over 90 degrees and/or more than 65% humidity...I'm hoping that if I wake up early enough tomorrow that it'll be cool enough in the morning to finish the insides (and touch up the outsides from the fantastic wind that blew the corners of the newspaper up, making it stick to the boxes!)  I can't wait to finish them and see how they look!

I also finished creating my classroom decor, but don't know how everyone always has picture collages on their blogs of things they made via the computer so that'll have to wait until I figure that out, or it gets hung up in my classroom, which ever comes first! Happy Monday!


  1. I did the same thing to my colored bins last summer-- I have cute days of the week labels for them in my TPT if you are using them for your weekly papers! I just figured out how to do a picture collage- If you download Picasa there's a button that you click to make a collage--it's so easy! This blog has a great tutorial:

    Teaching Snip-Its

  2. Thanks for the tip! I'll have to try it out! I'll check out your store too! I have 20 bins so far, and should have 5 free at least at the beginning of the year, so I would like to use them for days of the week, but I also get kiddos throughout the year for RtI, so I'm afraid if I set them up for days of the week, I'll have to figure out another system because I'll give those ones to the kiddos.